At Slide Coffee we are trying to reduce and reverse our environmental impact as much as possible, without compromising the quality of our product or service. That’s why we have taken a different approach with our new branded 250g bags. 

What’s so different about them? 

They are ‘Soft Plastic Recyclable’.

Most coffee bags are soft plastic/paper with a foil lining, making it not possible to recycle them in any way, you cannot seperate the foil from the plastic/paper. However, our new 250g bags are ONLY Soft Plastic. That’s right NO foil. So they can now be accepted at your nearest soft plastic recycling.


Most major supermarkets now have a ‘Red Cycle’ Soft Plastic Recycling Program. They basically get soft plastics and turn them into plastic furniture or exercise equipment. The Soft Plastic recycling is a great solution. As resellers & consumers of epic coffee, we now have a choice with what we do with our empty packaging.


  • Why not compostable bags? Unfortunately the technology with compostable bags is not really hitting the mark yet for coffee. We believe keeping our coffee fresh is very important, that’s why we couldn’t do compostable bags, but chose the best recyclable option.

  • Will the coffee still be fresh without foil? YES!! Although there is no foil, our coffee will remain as fresh as it has been, we’ve researched and got expert advice that the foil lining is only helpful for keep fresh for very long periods of time like 6-12 months+. (Which is not what we recommend for keeping coffee). 

  • How can I help make sure bags get recycled? Glad you asked!! Participating Slide serving cafes are happy to accept and collect any used/empty/returned 250g Slide bags. We work with these cafes and take the collected bags to the soft plastic recycling bin for you. Contact us to confirm if your Slide cafe is a participant.

  • Do we need to wash the bags? No, it is best that all the bags remain empty and dry, we don’t even need to worry about our paper labels, as they don’t upset the recycling process.

  • What about the 1KG bags? Our 1KG bags are still foil lined, these 250g bags are the trial run. We’d like to also roll out some branded 1kg bag in soft plastic only. To eliminate the 1KG bag usage we have bulk returnable wholesale tin options for any of our regular ordering cafes.

  • Why can’t I just put these soft plastic bags in my household recycling bin? Sunshine Coast and Noosa council bins do not currently accept soft plastics, as it causes issues with sorting from other recycled items. However most people end up at a major supermarket at some point in the week, the ‘Red Cycle’ bins are in most supermarkets. If you are in another region you may check with your local council to see if there are any soft plastic recycling options. 

  • Why does ‘Red Cycle’ say they don’t accept coffee bags? Because a majority of coffee bags are lined with foil. Please ignore this message for our 250g bags because they are not lined with foil and therefore can be recycled.

Here’s to helping reduce the plastic waste in our community!!


Also we have now added the 1% for the planet logo to our bags. if you weren’t aware, we give back 1% of all coffee bean sales to local environmental charities. If you’d like to know more about which charities we support, please get in touch!!!

Aaron Bradley