Filter Roast (Single Origin) | 250g

Filter Roast (Single Origin) | 250g


Roasted lighter for filter brewing methods. We LOVE filter coffee, so we make sure that we are always sourcing great coffee's that roast well for filter.

For those who like to adventure, those who love to try new things and recognise each origin's unique cup flavour and character. We'll surprise you with our roasters pick for the week. Sourced with love. 

NOTE: All Orders will be roasted and dispatched on the nearest Roast day, (currently Wednesday), The Single Origin is a roasters pick weekly rotation. Some single Origins we've had, Colombia, Indonesia, Burundi, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya + more.

All our 250g Bags are Recyclable, to recycle them, they must be brought to a soft plastic recycling, like ‘Red Cycle’, which is available at leading supermarkets around Australia. Help us close the loop, for a sustainable future.

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