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You’re busy, you have a cafe to run. You feel there’s always some more training to do, and getting your baristas up to speed is an ongoing battle. We understand and we’ve wasted so much time and money doing it inefficiently. We've worked hard to create a program that will bring consistency across your barista team, save you time, and money on unnecessary wages.

Our Barista Development Program is all part of the wholesale package, in fact, it's so important to us, that we've made it not optional. All barista's serving Slide Coffee must go through the 'Specialty Coffee Essentials' Course.

We then offer further training to those interested in:

  • Advanced Latte Art.

  • Mastering Extraction.

  • Alternative Brewing.

Stay on top of your barista training, your coffee consistency is the key to keeping and growing your customer base.

Don’t waste your money on inefficient processes and poor training, if you want to take your coffee quality and efficiency to the next level, get in touch.  

Note: Our Barista Development Program is currently only offered to wholesale partners, however if you are interested in our training please get in touch here.