No Thanks, I'm Sweet Enough

A collaboration of good brews.

When we first had a taste of Range Brewing, we were blown away by the quality brews that these guys consistently put out. I believe this is because they stick to their guns with their ethos, “Forever Exploring, Forever Evolving”. This ethos translates to a truly unique brewery experience, they are always releasing 2 -3 new beers weekly, and they’re always different and always delicious.


When the opportunity came to collaborate with Range, we were excited to see where this would end up. It all started where it should, tasting coffee, and tasting beer. We got together with the Range brew team and discussed all things coffee and beer. The brew team were exploring different types of beer that would showcase the very best of both worlds. In the end we decided on a Raspberry/Cherry sour with Colombian natural process cold brew. 

We chose the Colombia El Indio, a very full bodied coffee with big fruity flavours. Rather than just throwing any ol’ coffee into a beer, we really wanted to highlight the flavour that coffee can bring to the table, and also compliment it with a very well balanced sour ale.

I had the pleasure of joining Mitch (head brewer) on one of the brewing days. Once the cold brew coffee was done, we blended it in with the beer. It was then when I could see the passion, hardwork and science that goes into every beer that Range is brewing. The results are always delicious well balanced beers. 'No Thanks, I’m Sweet Enough’ sums it up well, the coffee is bringing some additional sweetness and aroma to the beer. Michael (taproom manager) would say the flavour reminds him of drinking a very fruity natural processed coffee, but in a beer form. Range Brewing will be pouring and selling cans of this beer at both of their locations (Newstead, QLD & Abbotsford, VIC). Also limited cans are available online with Australia wide delivery. So if you can get your hands on one of these delicious beers (they won’t last long), your tastebuds will thank you. We’ve just got word that our favourite pub on the Sunshine Coast Peregian Beach Hotel will be pouring this beer along with a few other favourites from Range Brewing. There will also be limited cans available for purchase at the Peregian Beach Hotel bottle shops.

Massive thanks to the Range team for making such a delicious beer that we are both proud of.

To learn more about this beer or to purchase some visit:

Want to buy the coffee that was used in this beer? Colombia El Indio

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