The On Season Espresso Blend
The On Season Espresso Blend
The On Season Espresso Blend
The On Season Espresso Blend
The On Season Espresso Blend
The On Season Espresso Blend
The On Season Espresso Blend

The On Season Espresso Blend

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This is 'The On Season'

Current Components: Indonesia, Colombia, Nicaragua


Blend Update- Sept 23

Exciting news for our fellow coffee enthusiasts! We've got a fresh crop Indonesian coffee in The On Season blend, and we're stoked about it. This fantastic addition is brought to you by the folks over at Catur Coffee, the Indonesian sourcing experts. What we love about them is their strong commitment to sustainability and transparency, something we're all about here at Slide Coffee.

This batch, just like our previous Indonesian favourite, comes from the 'MANDHELING, North Sumatra' region and goes through the same 'Wet-hulled' process. What's new is that it's now a triple pick quality, which means it's been sorted for defects and uniformity three times. We gave it a taste, and the results? Imagine our On Season with extra flavour, clarity, and cleanliness. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

A crowd favourite; this blend is a combination of seasonally fresh and tasty coffees. Like any crop, coffee is seasonal. We combine freshly harvested coffees as they come in and out of season. Some are available year round, others only a few months. This blend, backed by a full bodied and malty base, shows off the flavour of the season.

Our 250g Bags are now Home Compostable!! (Please remove sticker valve before composting) - Our 1KG bags are still Soft plastic recyclable (but not really that recyclable in Australia because red cycle shut down and there's not many recycling options for soft plastics anymore). We are transitioning the 1KG bags to Home Compostable too, however we have pre-printed Soft plastic in stock that won't be finished for a while. But once they run out we'll be hitting the home compostable for sure!!

Help us close the loop, for a sustainable future.


We've decided to evolve the way we send out coffee. Rather than limiting you to what we have already roasted in stock, we're allowing you to preorder whatever coffee you like in whatever size bag and we'll roast it just for you and send it fresh. So here's how to get the best of our 'SEND IT FRESH' program. 


WE ROAST: Tuesday/Wednesday.

WE SEND IT: TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY (as soon as it's roasted)

*If you order Tuesday - Thursday: We'll send it if it's fresh and in stock. (On season Blend & Roaster Choice usually always available, please enter your mobile in checkout so we can get quicker responses from you if needed.)

*FRIDAY/MONDAY: we don't dispatch these days unless specially requested. We think it's better for you to have reasonably fresh coffee when it arrives, these days are too far from our roast days, and couriers move slower. So If you order Friday - Monday: Your order will be put on the list for roasting on Tuesday/Wednesday.