Our Story

Back in 2017, we started Slide Coffee with a clear vision in mind to create epic coffee and build a community by doing what we love, and doing it well.

Good coffee, good business. Bringing together coffee lovers and cafe owners, and sourcing coffee beans through suppliers with sustainability and equality in mind for the coffee farmers of the world. It’s a commitment to our community, global and local.

We love to see the good old fashioned hospitality at work, if it’s not us doing it, then it’s our wholesale friends who we love to work with closely to achieve their dream. We also don’t take lightly the injustice issues around coffee sourcing, and we often get frustrated about poor service and average quality.

We may be in a regional coastal area, but we feel there is a huge opportunity to create something beautiful, with beautiful coffee and beautiful people.

We hope you can be a part of our journey.

Aaron and Rahel - Creators/Founders of Slide Coffee Roasters